My vision

Every product we interact with, should be a valuable addition to our lives.

About me

Hi there, welcome. My name is Peter Goes, and I am an Amsterdam (The Netherlands) based web developer. I get exited about all things created with web technologies. Whether it is a clean user interface, a clever Node.JS back-end implementation or geeking out on JavaScipt on Raspberry Pi's, chances are that I want to wrap my head around it.

At the moment I work as a Front-End Developer at De Voorhoede in Amsterdam. I get to play with the latest web technologies, which I think is super exciting!

I use this place to experiment with (new) web technologies and like to see it as my personal home on the web. Take a look around, and tell me what you think about it!

About the site

The site is completely static. I started building using the static site generator Hexo, thinking it would get me up and running quickly. But the more I use it, the more I feel that it is just to much overhead. The gulp file I wrote to let it do what I want is already to big anyway. So I could just as well ditch the whole framework and do it myself.

As the site progress, I'll write more about how it is set up. Like adding a demo viewer so you can see all components that are used to build the site. To start things off, here is the typography test page. Ow, and the font you are looking at? That is Fira Code.