A few updates for 01-2023

Maybe a summary of the previous month is a good way to get in the habit of blogging more? Lets find out…

## Personal stuff

### The road to a 7a (bouldering)

I don’t make new year resolutions. I am notoriously bad in keeping those kind of promises to myself. But this year I did set a goal for myself. Taking bouldering really serious again and being able to climb a 7a (V6 on V-scale?). It is an ambitious goal for sure, but I really like it!

Yesterday I did my first 6b, so progress is being made.

### Struggling with my own website

I really like having my own website. I like the promise of having a true place of my own that I can experiment with. But I find myself in a place where I want to have a proper looking website because I am a front-end developer. Having a broken website looks bad I guess? That fear of having a broken website and what people might think of me as a front-end dev as a result prevents me from having that hacker mindset. The thing that makes having a personal website fun in the first place.

The same goes for blogging, I am really happy that I found the RSS Club, because this post is not ‘published’, it makes it safer to fool around. I want that same feeling again for the site as a whole.

On a related note, I am really in the market for a good combination of writing markdown with a tool like IA Writer and One Click Publish convenience of a CMS…

## Work related stuff

### Arc Browser

Since a couple of weeks I switched to Arc Browser. And MAN, does that thing live up to the hype! I am SO happy to have a browser that is primarily keyboard driven. I almost never have the side panel open so I am looking at each page in all of its glory in an almost full screen view. I absolutely love it. And Split Mode is awesome!

### Learning with Remix

I am in the process of rebuilding the whole front-end of our codebase at De Correspondent with Remix. At first I was sceptical about a React driven framework, but the focus on foundational web tech is amazing. I truly think I am becoming a better front-end developer just by using this framework.

For example, yesterday I needed to throw an Error. It did not behave exactly as I expected, so I asked around in the discord server, and someone pointed me to the MDN page of the Error object. I learned a thing or two about the cause option.

Love it.


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