Back to basics to go forward

My journey to become a better front-end developer

For a long time now I try to keep up with all the latest developments in our front-end community. Learning React, a bit of Vue, diving into ES6,7,... You know, like the rest of us.

However, learning about all these frameworks, build tools and the like. I get the feeling of missing out on a more important part of our trade. Because the ultimate goal we all strive for, is to deliver a superb experience to our users. And we do that by shipping HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a bunch of images. There is still much to learn about those fundamental parts of the web. And that is where I will focus my attention on.

And although I know these parts reasonably well, there is always room for improvement. I want to get a deep an thorough understanding of these parts, before I learn something that is build on top of that foundation.

I am going to approach this project like so:

Phase 1: Lay the foundation

  • A deeper foundational understanding of JavaScript
  • Get pretty intimate with CSS
  • Become really close friends with HTML

Phase 2: Build the walls

  • Brick by brick, Progressive Enhancement as a second nature
  • Preparing for the storm with Progressive Web Apps
  • Move things around with Animations

Phase 3: Put on the roof

  • Connect all the wires with HTTP

These are by no means set in stone, I came up with them just now, but for now it is my guide on this journey