Back to basics to go forward

My journey to become a better front-end developer

For a long time now I try to keep up with all the latest developments in our
front-end community. Learning React, a bit of Vue, diving into ES6,7,… You
know, like the rest of us.

Learning about all these frameworks, build tools and the like, I get
the feeling of missing out on a more important part of our trade. Because the
ultimate goal we all strive for, is to deliver a superb experience to our users.
And we do that by shipping HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a bunch of images. There is
still much to learn about those fundamental parts of the web. And that is where
I will focus my attention on.

And although I know these parts reasonably well, there is always room for
improvement. I want to get a deep an thorough understanding of these parts,
before I learn something that is build on top of that foundation.

I am going to approach this project like so:

Phase 1: Lay the foundation

  • A deeper foundational understanding of JavaScript
  • Get pretty intimate with CSS
  • Become really close friends with HTML

Phase 2: Build the walls

  • Brick by brick, Progressive Enhancement as a second nature
  • Preparing for the storm with Progressive Web Apps
  • Move things around with Animations

Phase 3: Put on the roof

  • Connect all the wires with HTTP

These are by no means set in stone (this is what first came to mind) but for now
it is my guide on this journey


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