Ditching the car turned out to be a very good idea

We just hit 1500km on our cargo bike. After our car broke down in the summer of 2022 we decided to not replace it. Instead we got an electric cargo bike and a subscription for a car share service. It still felt like a challenge with two kids (2 and 5 years old at the time).

After just two months since we got the cargo bike, we reached the first 1000km (December 24 2022). Today we reached 1500km.

Cargo bike computer indicating total distance traveled is 1500km in dutch

The car share subscription feels like a cheat code. I don’t like to rent a car through it, but we do so from time to time.
We do use the cargo bike every single day though. That feels great. We started out with the environment in mind, reducing our footprint. But the real benefit comes from some place else.

We have so much more quality time with each other as a family. It takes longer to travel, sure. We have to plan ahead and we can not do everything we did when we had a car before. In the weekends, we used to go out quite a lot. Now that we have to calculate bike time, we are limited in what we are able to do. But we gain time with each other.

The conversations we have when the kids are asleep in the bike are on another level from those we had when we sat in a car. Being outside does something with your mind. You are more relaxed.

But when the kids are awake, they get to explore the world around them much better. Because the bike is slower, the can see and hear much more.

I was a bit skeptical at first for the winter period. The dutch weather is quite wet and not all that pleasant to ride in. But the way it turns out? I can not wait until summer.

If the previous months are any indication, the summer of 2023 will be amazing.