I got genuenly exited to find out about a secret society!

I love the web. The openness, the expressiveness. The way it lets me fiddle with code and make things come alive. After the Twitter collapse I joined Mastodon, and the whole front-end community with me (or so it seems). With that I regaind an appreciation for blogs and RSS. So when I found out about this, I could not be happier. It feels like the old days of the web in a sense that it you get to access things that other people don’t know about, while working out in the open. It is weird to describe, I love to make stuff available for an as wide as possible audience, but this is somehow different? I don’t know.

I make myself the promise (again, I know) to pick up blogging. Only this time to allow for more personal things as well. Maybe that makes it more easy. So to kick that off: I promised myself I can boulder a 7a by the end of 2023. Is that a reasonable goal? I don’t know, we’ll see :). I will keep you posted!


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  • Dan Q Dan Q Posted on
    Welcome to the club! And for helping me test my live-OPML subscription in my feed reader which aims to auto-subscribe me to any new members!

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