Updates for 02-2023

## Personal stuff

### The road to 7a (bouldering)

I really want to nail the 7a this year. Turns out, my bouldering gym offers personal training. 3 sessions of an hour. After 2 sessions, I am even more excited. It sure is more difficult to climb when you have to think about what you do, but I feel I am making progress. 10/10 would recommend.

### Going to concerts again!

Having kids (6 and 3 years old) makes sure that time is scarce. I thought that going to concerts was a thing of the past, especially after the pandemic. I am not subscribed to newsletters of venues anymore, so I miss quite a lot of opportunities as well. A colleague of mine does not. Lucky me!

After a couple of concerts now, I could not be more happy to stand in a closed space with to much people around listening to really hard music again! Man, did I missed this!

## Work stuff

### Frontend Masters subscription

I decided to sign up for Frontend Masters with my education budget this year. It is awesome. The learning paths that they offer are great and the content is of such a high level.

I was looking for good courses specifically on CSS. Great material is out there for JavaScript, but I really want to step up my CSS game. Although Frontend Masters is more JavaScript focussed, there are also quite some CSS courses. When I asked about good courses on Mastodon recently, I got some other good examples, so I will spend a good amount of time learning things the coming year!

### Mixed feelings about the ranting on React

Ranting about React and JavaScript frameworks is in full swing I my social network circles. While I consider myself on the progressive enhancement / use as little JS as possible side of The Divide, I do use Preact daily at work.

I feel personally attacked by all the ranting and Keith J Grant formulated my feelings exactly in his post React Pays the Bills

That is to say, now that an opportunity has presented itself to reevaluate our current Front-end stack. I am thinking hard about what a framework-less front-end setup of a large website would look like.


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